Portage County Municipal Courthouse, Kent, Ohio (1/5) Portage County Municipal Courthouse Exterior (2/5) Portage County Municipal Courthouse, Hallway (3/5) Portage County Municipal Courthouse, Courtroom (4/5) Portage County Municipal Courthouse, Foyer (5/5)

Kent, Ohio

32,821 sq. ft.


Portage County Municipal Court

The Portage County Board of Commissioners selected Bowen to design a new Municipal Court building that reflects the county guidelines while blending harmoniously with the City of Kentís local character. The building sits on an elevated outdoor plaza that provides a visual connection to downtown Kent and the University campus while also providing a Civic presence.

The floor plan incorporates two state-of-the-art courtrooms, offices for the Adult Probation department, the Prosecutor, and the Clerk of Courts, Criminal and Civil Divisions, as well as additional administrative and archival storage space.

Our architects and civil engineers worked with the county and the city to choose the ideal site for this new building, taking into consideration size, parking, traffic, access to utilities, expansion availability, public and staff access, and visual image. Bowen then oversaw the site clearing, utility relocation, and land preparation.