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Highland Hills, Ohio

135,430 SF

Owner's Representative

ABB Regional Office

We led programming and design for a new 450-person regional office for ABB, a global leader in power and automation technologies. The relocation and new facilities reflects an in-depth programming process - involving input from 25 distinct departments - through which we understood ABB’s logistical needs and corporate culture. The design implements ABB’s international, company-wide “Workplace 2020” initiative, which centers on new, activity-based working concepts, open work spaces, and collaborative environments. The new floor plan features a combination of workstations grouped by department, flex spaces, conference rooms, and labs.

After ABB determining that previously reviewed sites would not accommodate the facility they envisioned, we designed a new ground-up space in Highland Hills. We created a schematic design package for both the exterior shell and the interior layouts and served as Owner’s Representative during the Design-Build.