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Cleveland, Ohio

Phase I: 268,000 SF
279 units, 47 buildings
Phase II: 9 Buildings
74 Units

CM at Risk

Carver Park Redevelopment

Bowen led architecture and engineer for renovations to CMHA’s Carver Park Estates, compliant with the new HUD Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program. R. L. Bowen Construction Management teamed with John G. Johnson Construction Company to serve as CM at Risk.

The project began with full assessments of site, units, and systems and recommendations for how to improve their life for 20 years. Interior renovations include modification of doors, painting, and flooring. Exterior improvements include siding repair, roof work, and masonry tuck-pointing. The project also includes furnaces, plumbing, electrical, and security system upgrades throughout.

HUD RAD Funding
Unique features of the HUD RAD funding process include:

- Helping CMHA receive financing from Red Capital
- Conforming to stringent design guidelines to meet RAD standards.
- Designing to Green Communities guidelines.
- Renovating at least 5% of units to meet Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS).
- Submitting drawings for Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) review.
- Helping CMHA throughout the funding and approval process.