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North Canton, Ohio

48,000 sq. ft.


LEED Silver Target

Walsh University Global Learning Center

Bowen teamed with Cannon Design for the initial programming and design of a new signature building for the campus. The design team guided Walsh University through a process to help them reach a new place and vision. This approach complemented Walsh University’s goal of taking advantage of the global shift from a method of passive, unengaged education to one of interactive, receptive learning.

As funding for the project became available, Bowen worked closely with the University to lead additional programming and re-design the building to increase the services and functions of this new center.

The Global Learning Center is a cornerstone academic building designed to support interdisciplinary research initiatives and problem solving through cutting-edge technology, collaborative learning spaces, and open gathering spaces. The new building includes instructional spaces, a media library, community forum, chapel, video production lab, cafe, and administrative offices.