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Columbus, Ohio

390,000 sq. ft.


May 2016 (est.)

LEED Silver Goal

COTA McKinley Avenue Facility Renovations + Addition

Bowen led an intensive six-week team assessment of COTA’s 390,000 SF McKinley Avenue Bus Maintenance and Storage Facility, located in Columbus, Ohio. The purpose of this complete facility assessment was to provide COTA with recommendations for renovations and improvements that would allow them to continue to function and operate out of this garage for the next thirty years. COTA then hired Bowen to implement the renovations. Early phases included the conversion of their diesel fueling stations into the largest CNG facility in Ohio and upgrades to their maintenance facilities.

The Admin + Training Addition, which seeks LEED Silver certification, focuses on improving conditions for COTA employees. Driver amenities include a new day room with lockers, café tables, a kitchenette, lounge seating, and a game area, a outdoor patio, and an exercise room. Renovated office space for administrative staff features a large skylight which brings in ample natural light. A new public lobby uses natural light, clean lines, and bold incorporations of COTA’s branding graphics to create a space that is comforting and inviting. The facility adds a new bus stop with a covered walkway to the south entry.