COTA CNG Facility (1/4)

Columbus, Ohio

Size : 11 Acres
Building : 280,000 SF
Addition : 9,100 SF
Fuel Island : 5,600 SF
CNG Plant : 8,100 SF


LEED Gold Target

COTA Fields Ave CNG Facility

This project gives the Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) two opportunities to innovate sustainable transportation. The facility is now COTA’s second facility to offer compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling. The Bowen team also engineered the electrical infrastructure and coordinated the efforts for the installation of new battery electric bus (BEB) chargers.

Meeting all building codes to allow for CNG buses inside of the building required major upgrades to the HVAC systems, upgrading all of the existing interior high-bay lighting to LED, and the installation of a new gas-detection system as well. Additionally, the Bowen Team facilitated the removal of the entire existing roof down to the deck, with the installation of all new roof insulation and a new single-ply roofing membrane. Finally, the design also included a complete upgrade of the exterior landscaping, including the installation of new pervious pavers all along the main entry area. The project has a LEED Gold goal.