About RLBA Sustainability

LEED® and Sustainability

Here at Richard L. Bowen + Associates Inc., we are very aware of the environmental impact of our designs. We believe that sustainable design can result in significant cost savings by reducing operating costs through energy efficiency and long-term occupant satisfaction. Our goal is to optimize the use of resources over the life cycle of a building.

Several members of our staff are LEED® Accredited Professionals which makes them well-versed in green construction techniques. Green construction goes far beyond the basic issues of energy conservation by creating buildings that are light, airy, people-friendly, conserve water, utilize recycled materials, reduce environmental pollution and help protect global ecosystems.

By early 2015, our architects, engineers and construction professionals had participated in the design and/or construction management of 50+ LEED® Certified buildings. These certifications include those at the LEED® Silver and LEED® Gold levels.